Tuesday 7 February 2017
Rail Freight / International Conference

6th Biennal International Conference IRFC 2017

“Let’s Make European Railways EASY!”

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From 22 – 24 March the conference on the current projects and trends in railway practice, technology, legislation and research will be held in Prague. Moreover, you can hold discussions with the best experts of the railway sector during this International IRFC 2017 Conference.

Speakers confirmed among them:

  • The Role of Rail in an Integrated Transport System
    Matthew Baldwin, European Commission
  • Role of OSJD in the Future Development of Railway Transport
    Attila Kiss, OSJD
  • Challenges of Cyber Security on Critical Railway System
    Marc Antoni, UIC
  • Shift2Rail Programme and Upcoming Activities
    Giorgio Travaini, Shift2Rail JU
  • Digitalisation of Railway Systems for European Corridors
    Harald Jony, ÖBB-Infrastruktur
  • Problems and Perspectives in Rail Freight Transport from the IBS Point of View
    Olaf Krüger, IBS
  • The Significance of Cross-border Energy Management for Sustainable Railway Systems in Europe
    Michael Bares, ÖBB-Infrastruktur
  • Digital Technology in Controlling Systems of Railway Transport
    Efim Rozenberg, NIIAS

The third day of the conference will be devoted to visiting the National Technical Museum in Prague, where participants will have the opportunity to explore the exhibition of the history of transport in the “transportation hall”.

This exhibition is titled "In memory of the pioneers on land, water and in the airworld”. The world of old technology comes alive here: the first automobiles, which ran on combustion and steam engines, numerous motorcycles showing their development from the end of the 19th century to present, samples of railway technology, airplanes suspended from the ceiling – including a hot-air balloon basket, Igo Etrich’s glider, the plane that Jan Kašpar used for the first long-haul flight and unique historical planes such as an Anatra Anasalj. All of this creates a unique atmosphere – a kind of cathedral of technology in which both the famed and flawless machines that proved their worth and the mechanisms documenting the mistakes or blind alleys of technology.

Don’t miss this extraordinary railway event in 2017 in our country and meet Euro-Asian rail world in the heart of Europe.

If you have any questions please contact the members of the Organisational Committee or send an e-mail directly to the Conference e-mail address: info@irfc.eu


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