Tuesday 14 February 2017

Asia Pacific Regional Assembly in action – the UIC Day at KTZ in Astana, Kazakhstan

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The UIC Day consisting of meetings & technical visits was hosted by JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ) in Astana (Kazakhstan) from 30 – 31 January 2017 and was attended by Mr Bauyrzhan Urynbasarov, KTZ Chief Engineer, Mr Talgat Kanatbaev, KTZ Director of Technical Policy and Regulation, Mr Batyr Kotyrev, KTZ Deputy director of “railroad network” management.
The UIC delegation was chaired by Mr Marc Antoni, UIC Rail System Department director.

Intensification of technical progress

JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ) held a meeting with representatives of the International Union of Railways (UIC) on the intensification of technical progress.
The meeting was addressed by the chief engineer of JSC NC KTZ Mr Baurzhan Urynbasarov.
The company has developed the strategy of innovative-technological development.
JSC NC KTZ programmes are being successfully implemented to improve efficiency, energy conservation and development of transport engineering.
Innovations are introduced in the planning and organisation of transportation, train management processes, organisational and technological renewal in the processes of monitoring, maintenance and asset management, the development of a product line of high-tech transport and logistics services.

Eurasian integration via research and standardisation

Mr Urynbasarov noted that JSC NC KTZ is interested in attracting the leading railway companies and research institutes to exchange experiences and solutions to various technical and technological issues.
One of the important directions of cooperation between JSC NC KTZ and UIC is the creation of common railway standards.
“These issues are of particular relevance in terms of integration of Kazakhstan into the international transport and communication flows and the creation of multimodal Eurasian transcontinental transport corridor,” said Mr Urynbasarov.

APRA projects & research to be implemented

During the meeting the JSC NC KTZ expressed interest in the application of the automatic gauge changing system of wheel sets at the border stations when crossing the railway from a broad gauge (1520 mm) to a narrow one (1435 mm) and back, without having to change the wheel set itself.

There is also the project for the diagnostic of track and overhead contact line with the installation of special equipment directly on the locomotive.
All proposals will be discussed during the APRA web conference which is going to be held at the headquarters of UIC in Paris on 15 February 2017.

In addition, the meeting participants discussed issues of participation of JSC NC KTZ in the research projects of UIC, creating common railway standards and also considered the proposals of UIC in the fields of maintenance and technical support in extreme climate conditions, efficient use of energy in railway transport.

During the stay in Astana the UIC representatives visited the new training centre of JSC NC KTZ.

For further information please contact Vytautas Kinderis, UIC Coordinator for Standardisation and East-West Relations:


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