Tuesday 11 April 2017

Rail Security Network of quick responders – Start of the process

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As requested during the UIC security week 2016, the network of quick responders is a new communication channel within the Security Network. It gives its members the possibility to exchange fast information about arising security questions.

The first member question focused on the topic of radicalisation. Nowadays, companies have to deal with skills shortage on the one hand and on the other with the increasing threat in Europe in the last months as well as the increasing numbers of radicalised individuals.

Therefore, the UIC Security Division asked its network of quick responders what kind of measures they have, to become aware of radicalised individuals in their company. The answers were summarised within three weeks and will be provided to the responders. The first experience with the network of quick responders was extremely positive and showed, that this knowledge exchange is a useful addition to the common security programme.

If your company also has an upcoming security topic and you would like to know how other companies handle this you can still join the network and contact us at security@uic.org.

For further information please contact Kathrin Faber, Senior Advisory Security Division:


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