Tuesday 18 April 2017

Czech Republic: Daily rail services renewed between Prague and Krakow after seven years

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On 13 April 2017, Czech national carrier Czech Railways, in cooperation with the Polish carrier PKP Intercity, renewed direct daily rail services between Prague and Krakow after a period of seven years. The direct EuroCity “Comenius” last ran between the two capitals in December 2009.

From now until the end of September new seasonal services will operate daily, departing from Prague at 10:22, and arriving in Krakow at 17:21. Trains in the opposite direction will depart Krakow at 10:42, arriving in Prague at 17:39.

The Express “Cracovia” offers passengers comfortable air-conditioned cars with first and second class seating. On the Praha-Ostrava section passengers have refreshments available from the bar and Wi-Fi in marked cars. Young passengers will have access to children’s cinema. The train will provide 230v power sockets for passengers who want to use small electrical devices such as mobile phones, laptops and so on. On the train between Prague and Krakow it is also possible to transport bicycles.

The resumption of direct services covers all the usual international tickets, including various discounts and international network tickets, such as Interrail or Eurail Pass. The service offers tourists from around the world convenient travel between UNESCO monuments in Prague, Olomouc and Krakow. Passengers can also use the traditional overnight service between Prague and Krakow with sleeper and couchette cars.

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