Tuesday 25 April 2017

UIC in Madrid for the 25th anniversary of AVE high speed rail service

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Last week UIC took part in the 25th anniversary of the entry into service of AVE, Spain’s first high speed rail service between Madrid and Seville. The service was inaugurated on 21 April 1992, coinciding with the opening of the Expo ’92 World Fair in Seville, commemorating the fifth centenary of the discovery of America.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, took part in the three events, highlighted UIC’s involvement in the area of high speed passenger services around the world, the support it gives to its members through projects on research, network development, stations and services.

Mr Loubinoux also stressed that in the international context of high speed rail, passenger services play a vital role, in addition to technological aspects which are being developed in the different areas in which UIC is giving its support.

For further information please contact Inaki Barron, UIC Director of the High Speed & Passenger Department:


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