Tuesday 25 April 2017

UIC in Rennes, France, for high speed line to Brittany

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UIC seeks to disseminate and spread the key ideas that underlie the railways among the general public, and particular among the younger population, by highlighting the advantages of rail in the areas of safety, security, risk prevention and the future vision of urban planning and international links, where rail is the backbone of a new transport mix.

Last week was punctuated by three events in the area of high speed rail, in which UIC actively participated, and a High Speed Rail System Training Session is taking place at UIC this week.

An event was held a few days ago in Rennes, France, a few months before the new line to Brittany enters service. The service will run from Paris to Rennes in one hour 25 minutes and coincides with the 10th anniversary of the 571.8 km/hour high speed world record.

On this occasion UIC and the region of Brittany had prepared an exhibition on high speed rail, which was open to the public and which, following Rennes, would be presented to the Cité des Sciences in Paris and part of which would come to UIC headquarters.

Also on this occasion, a meeting of the UIC High Speed Rail Committee was held in Rennes and was attended by a large number of international representatives, which gave this new French project more visibility and recognition on the international stage.

For further information please contact Inaki Barron, UIC Director of the High Speed & Passenger Department:


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