Tuesday 9 May 2017

China: China Railway deploys railway afforestation in 2017

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Recently, China Railway has deployed railway afforestation work this year and called for further progress in the implementation of National Program for Afforestation (2016-2020) and Afforestation Plan for Railway Sector (2011-2020), the integration of railway afforestation and voluntary tree planting by the general public, as well as maintaining the good momentum of afforestation with the purpose of greening every possible inch of land.

According to the requirements of China Railway, on the one hand, all the units shall unswervingly advance the current green management and protection, push forward the standardised and normative operations in management, explore new means and methods for low-cost green conservation along high-speed railways, and actively strive for the support of local government and the forestry department for better green management and protection along railways. On the other hand, all the units shall remain involved in afforestation of the new lines, enhance the afforestation quality by organically connecting planning, design, construction and inspection, strengthen communication with the local government and the forestry department, enlarge the green area along the railways and ensure that there is no tree affecting the safety of the railway in any area.

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