Tuesday 23 May 2017

Switzerland: SBB’s Preview Trip Planner App

Swiss Railways continue their development of combined mobility systems with Catch a Car

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With SBB’s Trip Planner app, customers can plan and book their journeys from door to door, by train, bus, bike or car. An attractive new service is now available to complement the Preview version launched in December 2016: travellers can use the SBB app to view routes and book Catch Cars from the leading Swiss free-floating car-share provider. This service is available initially in the cities of Geneva and Basel.

SBB is shaping future mobility in collaboration with its partners. It is becoming more and more important to be able to plan trips individually, from door to door, using the fastest or the least expensive means of transport, or that most suited to our needs. With its Preview Trip Planner app, SBB is taking into account the fact that customers want to plan their trip from door to door, combining, comparing and booking different means of transport, whether using public transport, private vehicles, car sharing or bike sharing. With Catch a Car, a subsidiary of Mobility, SBB is continuing to supplement the services provided by its test version of the Trip Planner app. As of now, travellers can take Catch a Car offers into consideration when planning their journeys and book using the app. The booking is then displayed in the menu on the list of travel reservations.

Catch a Car currently has 220 vehicles available in the cities of Geneva and Basel. They are accessible 24 hours a day, on a self-service basis. A Catch a Car can be used freely to travel from A to B. This means a car can be located using the app, and then left after the journey within the Catch a Car zone in any public parking space accessible with a resident’s permit. Catch a Car rates are calculated by the minute, with different tariffs for driving, when parked or at night. After a one-off registration, customers can book using their membership card or with a Swiss Pass.
Catch a Car’s future development is dependent on customer demand. SBB is adapting door-to-door transport to suit its customers and the conditions on its key markets. Given the rapid changes in modes of transport, the company is constantly studying new forms of cooperation, including in the field of combined mobility.
SBB is planning to incorporate rapidly other mobility and service-provider partners into the Trip Planner app. After Catch a Car, they plan to integrate the taxi service platform go!, provided by well-known national companies within the next few weeks.

Further information can be found by opening the link in a new browser window on www.cff.ch/monvoyage or www.catch-a-car.ch.

On the move, today and in the future.

The transport needs of customers change, new operators enter the market, and digitalisation and automation create new opportunities. SBB is combining the advantages of rail travel with the potential provided by new technology, all along the mobility chain, having a constant regard to the provision of excellent value for money. It is modernising the rail system, investing in infrastructure and new services while reducing overall costs. SBB is developing its stations and the areas surrounding them, creating transport hubs and attractive living spaces. It is working on the concept of creating sustainable services, leveraging the environmental advantages of rail and testing innovative transport solutions. As the backbone of the Swiss public transport system, SBB is creating the transport systems of the future: simple, personalised and integrated.

(Source: SBB)

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