Tuesday 6 June 2017

Night Trains and Non-Reservation Trains working group (NT/NRT) annual meeting in Rome, May 2017

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Trenitalia hosted this year’s NT and NRT working group-meeting, chaired by Mrs. Selmeczi (MAV-START) and Mrs. Hooft (SNCB). Representatives from ATTICA, CD, CFF/SBB, CFL, CFR, DB, DSB, MAV-START, NS, ÖBB, PKP, SJ, SNCB, SZ, TCDD, Trainose, TI and ZSSK attended, with additional presence from UIC, CIT and CER. The baseline for this meeting was ‘cooperation is key for winning the challenge within a changing train-market’.

UIC was represented by Marc Guigon, Senior Advisor Passenger Transport.
The following subjects and topics were discussed:

The NT-group mainly focused on the SCIC NT that is being reviewed.

  • Mr. Guigon (UIC) briefly summarised the main decisions and evolutions within UIC.
  • Mr. Vavra (CD) initiated a discussion about the unclear definition of active/passive RU’s in the SCIC NRT. It would be preferable to define this as issuing/accepting. This has impact on several leaflets, e.g. leaflet 106. Mr. Svensson will examine impact.
  • Mr. Mariorenzi, new chairman of the Technical Group, stressed the importance of close contacts between technical and commercial groups for expansion of e-ticketing. The bilateral agreements that exist today could eventually lead to a collective leaflet. What e-ticketing is concerned, there is a strong will for further expansion.
  • Mr. Svensson presents major changes and news from CIT-side. The ‘hot’ Name-PNR-topic was discussed, as well as other topics such as upcoming revision of the Rail PRR, Multimodal PRR, and end-date of the 1996/2006 security background of tickets.
  • Mr. Volpi (CER) gave a clear introduction of his organisation, and stressed the fact that CER represents the voice of European Railways towards government and high-level decision makers. Mr. Volpi made it clear that attending this sort of practical working meetings is crucial to understand how NT and NRT actually works, in order to better defend the interests of the relevant working group.

The 2017-2018 SCIC NRT amendments were discussed in detail. Topics are:

    • The lowered reduction of Railplus (15%) will be maintained.
    • For Railplus, NRT plans to dematerialise the Railplus-card.
    • The reduction of validity of NRT-tickets, voted last year, is maintained without amendments. Exceptions for RUs will be clearly stated in the SCIC NRT.
    • PRM-related subjects were also discussed, with definition of the newly created ‘other PRM’ (supplementary to existing blind and wheelchair travellers) to be specified. There is a call for more participating carriers in the ‘other PRM’-category.
    • The complex and various age limits of children will be mentioned in a clear table in the next edition of the SCIC.
    • The counterfoil for bicycle tickets is to be cancelled.
    • The absence of the ‘normal’ fare name was corrected, as from next SCIC, the standard fare should figure on the ticket also (not only reduction fares).
      New point inserted in the SCIC for penalty-fare on international travels, proposed by DB.

The advance booking time within several RUs was discussed, to find out if the impact of further re-opening of sales could be determined. Mr. Sommer (SBB) pointed to a revenue increase without any negative impact. NRT as a whole stressed the fact that a further opening of pre-sales period is a hazardous process when timetable-information is available too late and too imprecise.

RIT guidelines (under supervision of Mr. Winkler, ÖBB) are revised and adapted to the new RIT-structure.

Diabolo-supplement for Brussels National Airport-stations was explained to NRT-members. The importance for customers as well as RUs was stressed. An extra PRIFIS-series is to be created, and a modification of ticket texts is to be foreseen. All attendants agreed with the proposition.

Mr. Guigon (UIC) gave a round-up of the MERITS/PRIFIS-status.

It was generally accepted that e-ticketing should be possible for dog and bicycle tickets.

CFL and ATTICA presented the new achievements within their RU, namely opening of a new line from Spain to Morocco, and a new funicular between Pfaffendal and Kirchberg, seamlessly connecting public transportation between both stations.

Finally, Mrs. Rizzo (TI) described the TSGA (TAP TSI Governance Association) with the main goal: improving possibility of integrated ticketing.

The group also made an educational trip to Castel Gandolfo, where the summer residence of the Pope is situated. Since there is good train connection between the city of Rome and Castel Gandolfo, there is a close collaboration between Trenitalia and the Vatican, offering special packages. A further collaboration with other RUs was discussed, as well as possible products such as Interrail/Eurail.

The next NT/NRT-working group meeting will be hosted by TRAINOSE, in Greece, and will take place from 5 to 7 June 2018.

For further information please contact Marc Guigon, Senior Advisor Passenger Transport:


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