Tuesday 6 June 2017

UIC participates in the launch of a series of sports challenges in the context of the UIC-USIC-Médecins du Monde charity action

Launch of the first championship in Varna, Bulgaria, dedicated to ten-pin bowling

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The International Union of Railways (UIC) and the International Railway Sports Association (USIC) organised their first sports challenge in Varna (Bulgaria) in the context of the UIC / USIC / Médecins du Monde charity action, with the USIC men’s and women’s Ten-Pin Bowling Championship. The competition, bringing together 100 participants, began on 29 May and will take place until 2 June 2017.

Following the agreement that was signed at the UIC General Assembly in Rome in July 2016 between UIC and USIC, a charity action has been jointly decided this year between UIC and USIC, in order to better reflect the values of solidarity that the railway community wishes to develop through sporting events. During 2017, both organisations will be pooling their strengths to organise four sports challenges across Europe. Following this first championship in Bulgaria, the next events will be held in Switzerland, the Czech Republic and France, with the organisation of a World Chess Challenge in December 2017 at UIC Headquarters. All the money collected during the USIC challenges will go directly to Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World).

On the occasion of the launch of this first sports challenge, UIC Director General Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux said:

We are all very excited about this first event in 2017 regarding our collaboration between USIC & UIC, in the context of our charity programme with Médecins du Monde, to demonstrate the strong value of Solidarity in our international rail community with the suffering of the world.

USIC Chairman Mr Dominique Paget said:

As of today, sport and solidarity will combine in all forms with the start of the USIC Bowling Challenge in Varna within the framework of our 2017 charity programme: UIC/USIC/Médecins du Monde.

Beyond the wish of our organisations to underline the humanitarian aspect, our commitment can only give a positive image of solidarity among the international railway employees. Nowadays, this is essential considering problems that meet our worldwide railway companies.

UIC has already launched a call for corporate sponsorship to raise money for donations to Médecins du Monde. Sponsors are invited to raise money for charity by taking part in USIC/UIC sports challenges.

In parallel, the general public is invited to participate in this action for charity:
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For further information please contact Florence Albert, Communications Advisor:


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Mr Dominique Paget, USIC President, giving his closing speech
Mrs Florence Albert, giving a speech on behalf of UIC