Tuesday 13 June 2017

United Kingdom: Guidance on transition design for the rail industry

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​RSSB guidance on transition design to help the rail industry prepare for transitions between Class B (AWS and TPWS) and ETCS (European Train Control System), has been published.

​Following train driver interviews, RSSB found drivers who currently transition between different signalling systems felt the training they received prepared them well for routes, despite some initial problems in the adjustment period. However, increasing the number of transitions and placing drivers in areas of high complexity or degraded operations, could create confusion on which train protection system is active.

The RSSB guidance on transition design mitigates risks and includes a hazard identification and risk assessment process. The steps include defining the system, assessing risks after mitigation, monitoring effectiveness of risk control measures and a residual risk assessment.

As these recommendations are implemented into the ERTMS roll-out programme, the risk at transitions will be better understood, helping the transition design teams to identify potential issues for drivers. The research will also support infrastructure managers in re-evaluating the risks in their existing transition designs.

(Source: RSSB)

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