Information published on 27 June 2017 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 554.

Czech Republic: SŽDC will present new rolling stock at the Czech Raildays Fair

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SŽDC is a regular exhibitor at the Ostrava railway technology fair Czech Raildays. This year, it will present and ceremonially christen a special new vehicle MTW 100.013/7 for checking, maintenance and repairs of the catenary. The infrastructure manager will also symbolically take over an integrated compact diagnostic unit DJ NDT for measuring flaws on rails. An integral part of the exposition is a presentation of the SŽDC Fire Rescue Service. On the occasion of the fair, lifts at Ostrava-Hlavní nádraží (Ostrava Main Station) will be ceremonially put into operation in the morning.

MTW 100.013/7 is a new vehicle specially designed for maintenance of the catenary. In the past, frames of railcars used mostly for passenger transport were always being modified. This is a four-axle vehicle with hydrodynamic power transmission and 520 kW engine power. A freight crane with a possibility of connecting a basket is installed on the vehicle as well as a lifting platform, jibs for manipulating the catenary conductor and cable, a tower for height calibration of the catenary conductor and a measuring current collector.

The vehicle is specific by its length (21,400 mm), which is by 2,500 mm greater than the Series MTW 100 vehicles standardly produced. Moreover, it has a camera set which provides the driver and the crew not only a perfect view on the vehicles’ surroundings but also supervision on the state and activity of equipment and the measuring current collector.

The vehicle has been produced by the company Plasser & Theurer. In October 2015, SŽDC signed a contract with this Austrian company for a delivery of three vehicles in total. The other two vehicles will be delivered by the Austrian side this autumn.

(Source: SZDC)