Tuesday 18 July 2017

China: Capacity of Wuhan Railway Transport Circle upgraded again

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A new train diagram will come into effect nationwide on 1 July. According to adjustments to the diagram, Wuhan Railway Administration will put another 22 passenger trains into operation; the running sections of 18 passenger trains and the routes of 10 passenger trains will be adjusted; 14 passenger trains out of operation temporarily in previous slack season will return to service; the operation class of two trains will be upgraded; the capacity of 10 high-speed trains will be doubled; and 10 passenger train numbers will be changed.

After the Baoji-Lanzhou Section of Xuzhou-Lanzhou High-speed Railway was opened, six high-speed trains were put into service for the first time between Wuhan and Lanzhou. It takes only seven hours to travel from Wuhan to Lanzhou by the fastest train. The capacity of the Wuhan Rapid Railway Circle was upgraded again. By that time, passengers will be able to travel to 25 provincial-level administrative regions by HS trains operated by Wuhan Railway Administration.

(Source: CR)

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