Tuesday 3 October 2017

Hungary: Body cameras are tested by the conductors of MAV-START Co.

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MAV-START Co. started to test body cameras in practice with the involvement of 25 volunteer conductors last month. Within the framework of the project, a total of 26 devices from three manufacturers are tested by the conductors. The management of the passenger railway company, MAV-START Co. may decide on the introduction of the system after the evaluation of the gained practical experience.

After analysing the risks, the management of MÁV-START Co. decided to use body cameras experimentally in order to protect the mobile ticketing equipment and passengers’ lives, safety and their belongings. In the testing project, three product-specific cameras specially designed for industrial use (Dahua MPT-100, VTQ and Koonlung K1S cameras) were selected for this purpose. For the tests, a total of 26 pieces were purchased with their additional technical equipment.

After the internal trials, testing started in practice this August. Over the next time period, 25 ticket inspector volunteers will use all three products at least ten times each. Testing takes place on the busiest suburban lines in Budapest, and the recordings are handled by the railway company in accordance with the legal obligations. The ticket inspector volunteers wear a badge to indicate to passengers that voice and video recordings are made. Employees participating in the testing will give a thorough assessment of the applicability of the technical devices including their advantages and disadvantages. The management of MÁV-START Co. will decide on the introduction of the system following the evaluation of the practical experience.

It is well known that conductors are subject to many oral insults and physical atrocities during their work, especially by the offending passengers not paying for their tickets. Up until August 2017 a total of 53 conductors became the victims of an attack this year. The perpetrators are not afraid of the fact that they may face sentence up to five years prison for violently offending a public servant. Of course, it is not only the life and physical safety of the conductors and their mobile ticketing equipment that is important, but also the security of passengers and their belongings.

(Source: MÁV-START Co.)

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