Tuesday 3 October 2017

Turkish translation of UIC’s terminology database RailLexic completed

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Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our Turkish colleagues from TCDD, Turkish is to become the 23rd language in the next edition of RailLexic, the UIC online dictionary of railway terms.

Turkish railways has been a member of the UIC Terminology Group for many years whose aim is to translate, update and revise the railway terminology of UIC. Despite several drawbacks, this spring TCDD managed to complete the translation of over 12,000 terms into Turkish.

The Turkish translation is already available for the staff of TCDD via an online application as well as for the general public at www.raillexic.com. It will be a helpful tool for all Turkish railway experts who participate in international meetings or discuss documents in that context.

UIC would like to thank TCDD for their contribution and invite them to continue the work within the UIC Terminology Group.

For further information please visit the dedicated website:


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