Tuesday 17 October 2017

Kazakhstan: Information service navigation is launched at “Nurly Zhol” railway station

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The “Nurly Zhol” railway complex became the first transportation hub in Kazakhstan, the phased plans of which appeared on the maps of the city information service - 2GIS.

Now passengers can navigate the station using smartphones and tablets with the application 2GIS. Detailed plans for all six floors of the railway station complex became available to the users of the service: from ticket offices, passages to the first-aid post, mother and child rooms, ATMs to the exit to the platform.
In addition, the map identifies about 60 catering organizations, shops, taxi services, terminals, hotels, pharmacies, indicating the mode of operation, feedback from visitors and other useful information. For the convenience of passengers, all objects are marked with easily identifiable icons.

"To ensure that all the necessary information is at hand, in the mobile application 2GIS added floor plans with an indication of all the organizations in it. The application is especially relevant, given that the railway station “Nurly Zhol” is the largest transport hub in the republic. The service is convenient for passengers, especially those who found themselves in Astana for the first time," said Nurlan Amanzholov, deputy station director.

According to Ainur Nurgalieva, deputy director of 2GIS Astana, the maps of the new station floors are available in mobile versions of the service for Android, iOS, Windows and the online version of the 2GIS. All information is available without using the Internet.

Detailed plans for the floors of the railway station complex “Nurly Zhol” were developed jointly with the company “2GIS Astana”.

"The “Floors” service is a layout for floors and navigation on large objects, for example shopping centres, in a mobile application that makes it easier to find the right place," said A. Nurgalieva.

As N. Amanzholov noted, the internal navigation of the station will significantly improve the quality of passenger service, provide the proper service for all visitors to the transport hub.

(Source: KTZ)

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