Tuesday 17 October 2017

Time Table Expert Group (TTEG) of MERITS meeting held from 12 – 13 October 2017 in Stockholm

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The MERITS Time Table Expert Group (TTEG) meeting was held from 12 – 13 October 2017 in Stockholm at the kind invitation of Linkon.

The TTEG is the community of Railway Undertakings that publishes consolidated timetables, services and station data (MERITS data) to be used by railway undertakings in information systems to support journey planners and booking activities.

20 participants representing 11 railway companies were present.
UIC was represented by Marc Guigon, Senior Advisor for Passenger Transport, Fabrice Setta, Senior Advisor for Data, statistics and economics unit and Joachim Baars, expert on timetables.

Mr Henrik Nieman presented the Swedish organisation concerning timetables. Samtrafiken is a JV owned by all Swedish Passenger Undertakings and public transport authorities. Its role is to coordinate timetables, Minimum Connecting Times…

Angelina Rotolo-Piazza (DB Vertrieb, as data manager) reported on the MERITS data management activity and proposed improvements to enhance MERITS quality.
Robert Jurisch (DB Vertrieb) presented the concept of Open Data and proposed an Open Data strategy for the MERITS activity.

Olivier Roy (SNCF) explained SNCF’s objectives on the international real-time traveller information. He highlighted two use cases: the delays of co-operated inbound trains and connecting passenger with real time in foreign stations.
Henk Hoppener (NS) presented the results of the questionnaire sent to RUs and third parties, concerning their needs regarding timetable data.

Frank Martini (HaCon) highlighted the current modifications concerning the MERITS tool especially the one that will enable the compliance with TAP-TSI regulation. He explained how to use service refinement rules to parameter the export data file that will be made available by each RUs members of MERITS to third parties. Then he explained in detail the configuration and edition of rules with several examples.
Joachim Baars (UIC) presented some issues on quality of data and encouraged members to only use MERITS integrated data for their journey planners to take advantage of the best quality timetable data.

Geir Arne Evje, from NSB, reported that this TTEG would be the last one for him due to retirement. All members congratulated him on his deep involvement in MERITS activity.

The next meeting will be held from 1 – 2 March 2018 in Utrecht.

For further information please contact Marc Guigon, Senior Advisor Passenger Transport:


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