Tuesday 24 October 2017

Appointment: Mohamed Mezghani appointed new UITP Secretary General

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Mohamed Mezghani, current Deputy Secretary General, has just been appointed the next Secretary General of UITP starting from January 2018. He will be succeeding Mr Alain Flausch, who will retire after having been at the head of the association for the past six years.

With more than 25 years of experience in the public transport sector, including 18 years at UITP, Mr Mezghani will use his background and leadership to further expand UITP`s activities. Passionate about football, writing and acting, Mohamed is a natural born leader across many fields. Besides his role as Deputy Secretary General since 2014, Mr. Mezghani is the chairman of the European Association Summit, as well as an ambassador of the Dubai Association Centre.

At UITP, Mohamed has held many positions, from senior manager and director of the Knowledge and Membership department to Adviser to the Secretary General and more recently Deputy Secretary General. He set up the Centre for Training back in 2014, was responsible for the extensive development of the MENA office’s activities while he worked from Dubai for 4 years, and drastically changed the approach to the creation of content within the organisation.

After six years at the head of UITP, Mr Flausch has brought the organisation to new heights in terms of professionalism and credibility. He focused on financial sustainability, quality of the services offered to the members and modernisation of the image of our century-old association.

The transition between the current Secretary General and his deputy is meant to happen smoothly as Mr Flausch will remain as advisor until the spring of 2018. Mohamed will continue the excellent work done by Mr Flausch, whose legacy will reach beyond the walls of UITP to all of the public transport sector.

UIC Director General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, on behalf of the international railway community represented at UIC, wants to express warmest thanks and gratitude to Mr Alain Flausch for the excellent and fruitful cooperation and the synergies that were developed in the recent years between both worldwide associations, UITP and UIC, with the common objective to promote public transport and railways as an effective solution to cope with current and future mobility challenges. These synergies proved to me particularly strong in connection with the work of the United Nations on sustainable transport and other specialist organisations dedicated to sustainable development.

Mr Loubinoux and the UIC headquarters team express their most sincere wishes and congratulations to Mr Mohamed Mezghani on his appointment as the next Secretary General of UITP starting from January 2018. UIC Director General said that UIC and UITP, which are already acting together on a large number of common projects and issues (such as environment, security, seamless transport), will be committed to further enhance their cooperation to promote the development of effective, multimodal mobility systems serving the society as a whole.

(Source: UITP)

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Mohamed Mezghani, appointed the next Secretary General of UITP