Tuesday 24 October 2017

Germany: Changes at DB Cargo

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Dr Jürgen Wilder, the CEO of DB Cargo AG, has decided to withdraw his interest in the position of Board Member for DB Freight Transport and Logistics. “In the light of the current debate, I have decided not to further pursue my interest in the position of Group Board Member” said Wilder. “I hope that my decision will put DB Cargo in a better position to focus on the issues, instead of having personnel-related questions continue to overshadow these issues.”

Wilder, 47, joined Deutsche Bahn AG in December 2015. He had previously worked for Siemens AG.

Berthold Huber, the Group Board Member responsible for DB Cargo, also announced that Wilder and DB had reached a very amicable agreement that Wilder would resign his post as CEO of DB Cargo AG at the end of October.

Huber thanked Wilder for his work, saying: “Although I greatly regret the recent developments, I am hopeful that Dr. Wilder’s decision will bring some objectivity back into the debate. We sincerely thank Dr. Wilder for his extraordinary dedication in helping to push our rail freight business forward. The initial success we are seeing in this respect is to his credit.”

(Source: DB Cargo)

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