Information published on 14 November 2017 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 570.

Czech Republic: Railway employees will support Movember again

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In November it is typical that leaves fall and winter approaches. The end of this month especially has been famous for shaving moustaches. The Movember charity is a worldwide event which has been held in the Czech Republic in recent years. Railway employees will create group called Drážňáci and support this charity again.

Movember is formed of two English words – Moustache and November. It is one of the worldwide charity events that supports the fight against prostate cancer. Unlike other similar events it focuses only on men, specifically on prostate cancer – and especially men aged 40-70 years.

“There are a lot of people working for railway companies at this age. That is why we have repeatedly decided to support this event. And make everybody think about men’s health” explained the initiator of Drážňáci group Jiří Kolář, the director of the Railway Authority. Apart from Railway Authority employees this event is supported by railway organisations which employ dozens of thousands of railway staff, the Railway Infrastructure Company and Czech Railways.

Both of these organisations try to draw people’s attention to this charity. That is why Czech Railways has come up with a unique idea. One Pendolino has been decorated with a chic moustache. The Pendolino with moustache should draw the attention not only of travellers but also of our employees.

“We would like people to realise that prevention is very important. The earlier the better,” added Czech Railway C.O. Pavel Krtek.

This decorated Pendolino 680.005 which has been renovated lately will run on 1 November for the first time. At the end of November its moustache will be shaved as usual.

The Railway Infrastructure Company will also take part in this charity event. This company has prepared special posters for the public which will be placed at nearly 300 railway stations around the whole Czech Republic. In this poster there is Pivrnec, a figure drawn by famous Czech painter Petr Urban.

Pavel Surý, the C.O. of Railway Infrastructure Company, supports this event and added: “Even our profesional fire-fighters will take part.” Around a hundred of rescuers will grow a moustache. They will stick a moustache on their helmets as well. Also about 20 fire engines will be decorated. Apart from this we will try to persuade our employees to be examined and they can support the research of this disease financially.
So this event is not only about growing moustaches but also about financial contributions. The money is used for the fight against cancer especially for its research. You can help on the website (Drážňáci have website or through the website

In the Czech Republic the Foundation Fund Men against Cancer is in charge of this activity. Roman Zachoval, Ph.D., the senior doctor of the urology department of Thomayerova hospital in Prague, is the chairman of this fund.

(Source: Czech Railways)