Tuesday 28 November 2017

Kazakhstan: Over 630 kilometres of railway tracks have been updated in the current season of track works

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Over 630 kilometres of railways have been modernised during the summer track operations.

As part of the capital repairs, 317.5 km of track sleeper lattice has been laid, an average of 77 km of track has been completed and 237 km of track gauge has been replaced.

"During the repair work, the railway substations were completely replaced by 51.9 km, the grinding of rails with a total length of 2,840 km, straightening of 1,590 km of track, 330 km of the ballast layer was improved. The complex of DUOMAT track machines has improved 4,087 kilometres, "said Amangos Baimagambetov, Director of Roads and Structures Department of the Branch of JSC NC KTZ - Directorate of the Mainline Network.

In addition to track works, seven bridges have been overhauled by contractors. Also, MO-Kapshagai workers repaired 77 artificial structures and repaired 23 artificial structures outside the plan. To date, the development of design estimates for the capital repair of the bridge on the Semey-JanaSemey stretch is under way.

Repair of the mainline network has increased the speed of passenger trains on 175 km of upgraded sections, including for trains formed from Tulpar-Talgo wagons for 144 km, container trains for 70 km, for cargo traffic on 154 km of the republican railways. At present, this work continues.

“Annual measures of JSC NC KTZ for the modernisation of the railroad are aimed at improving traffic safety and increasing the speeds of passenger and freight trains,” A. Baimagambetov said.

(Source: KTZ)

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