Tuesday 5 December 2017

Kick-Off Meeting of the Working Group Sabotage, Intrusions, Attacks took place on 15 November 2017

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The Working Group (WG) Sabotage, Intrusions, Attacks is the new topic of the UIC Security Platform WG previously dedicated to metal thefts, according to a decision of the steering committee of the platform (see eNews 559).

Around 20 participants discussed within this Kick-Off meeting their needs and the expectation of the new WG. In 2018, the WG will mainly deal with the topics:

  • System of detection of intrusions and transmission of alert
  • Strategies on preventing sabotage on infrastructure due to political protests, terrorist attacks thefts and illegal migration
  • Security of tunnels
  • Smuggling of illegal goods
  • Insider threats
  • Access controls
  • Protection of property (e. g. installations, objects)

In addition to these topics, the WG-members agreed to create a “lessons learnt group”. This group will come together shortly after a (security) attack/incident and share their experience within this situation.

The WG will be chaired by Susanne Kufeld (Deutsche Bahn AG) and vice-chaired by Andreas Tabor (Nederlandse Spoorwegen), and Miroslav Zeman (Železnice Slovenskej republiky) for the metal theft questions.

The next meeting is planned for February 2018. The WG remains open to UIC members.

If you are interested in participating in the WG or for further information, please contact Kathrin Faber:


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