Thursday 14 December 2017

Proofs of concept: application cases related to DIGIM (Digital Impacts on Business processes) project – Ottawa Station

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VIA RAIL Canada has decided to participate in the design, development and implementation of two application cases related to DIGIM project (Digital Impacts on Business processes).

  • Design of a digital assistance for the blind and in a second phase all disabled passengers in railway stations. VIA RAIL Canada is planning to implement and test this new system in one of its major stations: OTTAWA (Canadian Federal Capital). The main objectives of this Proof of Concept is twofold: provide a real autonomy to blind passengers in railway stations and attract these passengers to rail.
  • Design a Proof of Concept to enhance safety at level crossings by implementing new digital devices to reduce the risks and to provide information to car drivers. This application case will be tested in Ottawa area as well.

These two experiments will be designed and developed in very close cooperation between VIA RAIL Canada, UIC (Digital Platform and Rail System Department) and the Canadian Digital ecosystem (labs, startups…).

The target is to have first releases delivered for summer 2018.

DIGIM project

This project will provide UIC Members with a unique opportunity to tackle the challenge of the digital transformation with a global approach, taking into account cost efficiency and potential demands and requirements of the railway sector.

The project collects all initiatives and requirements necessary for the selection of the most relevant digital enabling technologies (one by sector) that could easily be developed and lead to quick wins for the railway sector. The smooth and iterative approach will be applied in order to achieve the project aim.

A first step was to design two relevant and representative user cases (POC - Proof Of Concept):

  • Provide facilities for blind persons in railway stations (LIONS CLUB)
  • How Digital can improve security at level crossings

Considering its multidisciplinary and global approach, the management of this project is handled by the UIC Digital Platform. The project is currently executed in partnership with the LIONS CLUB worldwide organisation within the frame of its centenary anniversary.

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