Tuesday 9 January 2018

The UIC Security Division has created a temporary Task Force “Crisis Management & Resilience”

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Crisis Management (CM) is one of the core issues of the security organisation. Following the daily news, we unfortunately regularly see the importance of an efficient and workable CM-Structure. In April 2017, the UIC security division published the first recommendation for crisis management. According to this and the above-mentioned importance of the subject, our members requested to work further at this topic. As was announced during the 13th Global Security Congress in Potsdam, “Crisis Management & Resilience” will be the overarching term of the next Security Congress, which will be taking place in Slovenia at the end of October 2018. Due to the request of our member, the following three topics will be the main topics in 2018:


  • Main points: External and internal communication incl. key words, reaction times, design of websites, preparation of communication channels such as a special hotline and the use of social media.

Business Continuity Management (BCM):

  • Main points: Recommendations for the framework of BCM and the close connection to CM incl. business impact analyses, devising plans and strategies to continue business operations (incl. information communication and technological systems, high-voltage network) and recovering quickly and efficiently from any type of disruption.


  • Main points: Recommendations for the handling of (partially) blackout situations (e. g. cyberattacks) regarding to the CM-Organisation (backup systems for CM-Organisation incl. redundant communication and computer network, alternative locations, emergency generators).

Task Force “Crisis Management & Resilience” - Activity plan 2018:
In order to manage the process in the best way, the UIC Security Division will create the temporary Task Force “Crisis Management & Resilience”. Under this umbrella we will pool together the experience of specialists and researchers from different sectors depending on your needs. Please save the following dates to be part of this Task Force.

  • Crisis Communication & Social Media: On the 13 – 14 February 2018 we will organise a 2-day lasting workshop in Paris (UIC HQ).
  • BCM: 1-day Workshop within the Security Week 2018, which is taking place from 18 – 22 June 2018 in Paris (UIC HQ).
  • Blackout: This topic as well as the results of the first workshops will be themed during the 14th Global Security Congress 2018 with the core topic “Crisis Management & Resilience”, which will be held from 22 - 26 October 2018 in Slovenia.

The recommendation for crisis management is available at the following link: https://uic.org/IMG/pdf/crisis_management_report.pdf

If you are interested in participating in the meeting, or for further information, please contact:

Kathrin Faber (Senior Advisor Security Division) at faber@uic.org

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