Tuesday 30 January 2018

Kazakhstan: Service centre for shippers opens at Novoishimskaya station

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The only service centre at district level in Kazakhstan was opened on 18 January 2018 by the branch of JSC “KTZ - Cargo Transportation” - Akmola Branch of the State Enterprise, the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken” and the Veterinary Control Committee for the North-Kazakhstan region.

“The centre allows shippers to reduce time for issuing shipping documents, fulfil contractual obligations, and the railway to reduce the downtime of wagons under freight operations and to attract additional traffic volumes,” said A. Petrov, deputy head of logistics at Novoishimskaya station.

Now the shippers receive certificates of origin of goods, which were previously issued by the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs, as well as documents on laboratory tests of product samples.

According to customers, this form of work is very convenient, saves time and resources.

“Now under the same roof there are representatives of organisations directly involved in the registration of accompanying shipping documents. While before one had to go to the regional centre to get documents for the cargo, now there is no need,” said G. Akhmetov, a representative of LLP Glencore Agricualcor Kazakhstan.

Veterinary and phytosanitary services, working in the Service Centre operate in a unified mode with Novoyishimskaya station - without days off and holidays.

Novoishimskaya Station serves 14 grain receiving enterprises and the “MasloDel” LLP plant.

(Source: KTZ)

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