Tuesday 6 February 2018

UIC participates in high-level events linked to the Latin-American region

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During the week commencing 22 January, two high-level events linked to the UIC Latin American region enabled UIC to foster numerous contacts and to promote rail transport in this region.

Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, spoke at a reception attended by representatives (ambassadors and economic advisors) of Latin American countries in France.

More specifically, Mr Loubinoux, in his capacity as Director General of UIC, as well as President of the business club France-Argentina, had the privilege of co-chairing a conference in honour of President of Argentina Mr Mauricio Macri’s visit to Paris.
On this occasion, where a number of business sectors were represented – including transport – President Macri outlined the main reforms currently taking place in Argentina in different areas.

More specifically, he mentioned the Belgrano Plan, which calls for significant development in infrastructure across the country – all modes included. Regarding the railways, there are plans for intra-city projects for the city of Buenos Aires and inter-city projects for new corridors linking the country’s key ports.

This occasion was also the opportunity to discuss plans for an event to be held in Argentina in the third week of the month of September.

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