Tuesday 13 March 2018

Let’s join the learning session on Mobility 3.0 given by Mines Telecom

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The French higher education institution Mines Telecom has just updated its Mobility 3.0 MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) dedicated to the different aspects of intelligent transport systems, featuring video interviews with heads of transport operators, manufacturers of autonomous shuttles, companies offering ticketing solutions, an account of the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, on-board information systems and start-ups, etc.

This is the last time that this MOOC will be in French, as Mines Telecom is intending to develop a new version in English in the very near future.

The MOOC is available free of charge here:

Autonomous shuttles have been trialled just recently in a number of French cities. The rapid evolution of technology has made the purchase of tickets possible with a smartphone or a connected object. Whole swathes of society have started using car-sharing schemes – this isn’t just another development in transport: mobility itself is undergoing the 3.0 revolution! Well aware of this upheaval, France’s leading experts have worked together on this MOOC entitled “Challenges and issues of Mobility 3.0” with the support of Telecom Evolution.

This free online course was launched on 12 March. Mobility professionals, public and private transport operators, infrastructure managers of roads, motorways, railways, vehicle manufacturers, land planners: do you wish to understand and anticipate rather than passively accept? By following this online MOOC on FUN, you will have a chance to understand the key factors of the current revolution. You will master the fundamentals of intelligent transport systems. You will be capable of taking decisions in the light of these latest developments in mobile ticketing and automation of public transport.

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