Tuesday 20 March 2018

UIC working group meeting for Drafting IRS for Earthworks held from 14 – 15 March 2018 in Madrid

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The sixth meeting for the UIC working group for the review and drafting of the IRS (International Railway Solutions) on design and maintenance for earthworks, took place in Madrid from 14 – 15 March at the CETA building, where the CEDEX (Public Works Ministry Experimentation Centre) Geotechnics Laboratory is located.
The coordination and preparation of the meeting was carried out by CEDEX, under the direction of the current UIC Infrastructure Senior Advisors of the Railway Sector Department.

The main objective of this meeting was to continue the review and drafting of two future UIC IRS (International Railway Solution) documents: IRS Design of Earthworks and Track Bed for Railway Lines and IRS Maintenance and Improvement of Earthworks and Track Bed of Existing Railway Lines, which will update and current UIC Leaflet Codes 719 and 722, that are being developed within the UIC frame of these technical topics on moving forward on the standardisation of these topics and their construction and operational aspects with a universally applicable scope for their members.

Since May 2016, there have been meetings on this topic, with frequent assistance of experts from the main Infrastructure Management companies of the European countries, amongst them Spain (ADIF), Germany (Deutsche Bahn), France (SNCF Reseau), Belgium (Infrabel), Great Britain (Network Rail), Italy (RFI)...), and some contributions from Asian members such as CARS and East Japan Railways.
During both working days the review of contents focused on the following chapters of the IRS Design:

  • Chapter 2. Definition of the cross section of a railway structure
  • Chapter 3. Classification of materials for railway structures
  • Chapter 4. Earthworks and track bed layers for new lines: design
  • Chapter 5. Transition zones
  • Chapter 6. Ballastless track (slab track): design
  • Chapter 7. Construction requirements

The approval date for this IRS Design is expected to be later this year.
In conclusion to these meeting days, ADIF helped to arrange a visit for the other infrastructure manager participants to the Spanish National Railways Museum, located in the Madrid-Delicias old station, hosted by its current Director, Mr Carlos Abellán.


For further information please contact Mr David Villalmanzo Resusta, Senior Infrastructure Advisor:

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