Tuesday 27 March 2018

SBB Infrastructure’s management team welcomed to UIC headquarters in Paris

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UIC was very pleased to welcome the management team from SBB Infrastructure, the infrastructure branch of Swiss Federal Railways SBB, to its headquarters in Paris on 19 March.

The delegation was led by Mr Philippe Gauderon, Member of the Board of the SBB Group, Responsible of SBB Infrastructure, and comprised the heads of the various sectors within SBB Infrastructure: Mr Nicolas Germanier (Timetable and Network Design), Mr Michel Kunz (Installations and Technology), Mr Stephan Grötzinger (Projects), Mr Charles Rinderknecht (Maintenance), Mr Ruedi Büchi (Operations), Mr Gian-Marco Caggia (Purchasing, Supply Chain and Production), Mr Marco Dirren (Finance), Mr Rainer Ducrey (Human Resources) and Ms Elena Luzio (Chief of Staff).

The delegation from Swiss Federal Railways was welcomed to UIC by Director-General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, along with UIC Directors Marc Antoni (Rail System department), Vincent Vu (Institutional Relations) and Paul Véron (Relations with Members and Partner Organisations).
This meeting provided an opportunity for a comprehensive overview of projects and cooperation activities currently coordinated by UIC in technical fields, as well as in other disciplines (including security, digital, education, etc.) at European and global level.
An open exchange and Q&A session also took place, with discussion of a number of issues of high priority for the SBB Infrastructure management team.

UIC is particulary keen to welcome its members and their executives or experts to its Paris headquarters to learn more about their companies’ specific needs and expectations, and to be able to provide tailor-made solutions and feedback.

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The delegation of SBB Infrastructure led by Mr Philippe Gauderon, Member of the Board of the SBB Group, Responsible of SBB Infrastructure