Tuesday 3 April 2018

Meetings on Shift2Rail JU-funded projects OPEUS and FINE1 in Munich, 15-16 March

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OPEUS and FINE1 representatives met in Munich from 15 to 16 March to discuss their upcoming collaboration on two Shift2Rail projects.

With the OPEUS project approaching its eighteenth month, the meeting in Munich provided an opportunity for the partners involved to present some of the preliminary results from the project’s findings.

The University of Rostock’s Lukas Pröhl, who also works on OPEUS, led the presentation. It focussed, in particular, on a universal tool being developed to estimate energy consumption, which will now be rolled out during simulation tests. The intention is to make the tool available to all industry organisations and operators after the project’s completion.

Further examples of important ongoing work were presented, including the development of simulations of in-vehicle traction chain loss and studies on energy storage systems. The second day saw attention turn predominantly toward the FINE1 project; however, HVAC and eco-labelling were also touched upon by speakers.

For further information about OPEUS, please visit http://opeus-project.eu/ or e-mail hassoun@uic.org

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