Information published on 15 May 2018 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 599.

Italy: NTV Italo marks six years of high-speed rail operations

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On 28 April 2012, the privately owned Italian company NTV Italo started operating its first high-speed rail services on the Naples-Milan railway line.

Thanks to continuous investments, the quality of the service offered to passengers, the comfort of the high-speed trainsets, and the commitment and professionalism of the company’s staff, the number of passengers carried by NTV Italo grew from six million passengers in 2014 to 13 million in 2017.

The objective is to continue to grow within the next period.

The NTV Italo trainsets today serve 19 railway stations in 14 cities and from 1 May, new services will be offered along the transverse Turin-Milan-Venice rail link. To this end, Italo has purchased 17 new EVO trainsets from Alstom and recruited 150 new staff members to guarantee the excellent quality of service.

(Source: NTV Italo)