Tuesday 22 May 2018

China: “Top-quality Engineering, Smart Jingzhang” project construction is steadily advancing

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On 23 April, the Smart Jingzhang HSR Project construction was at an advanced stage, the phased achievements of relevant technology research, development and application were complete, and a feature film called “Establish A New Benchmark of China’s High-speed Railways”, which focused on the construction of Smart Jingzhang HSR and creative design results of intelligent EMU as the important associated equipment of Smart Jingzhang HSR, was launched at China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited.

The head of the relevant department of China Railways said that the construction project of Smart Jingzhang HSR was an important measure taken by the railway department to implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s ideas of holding a “green, sharing, open, honest” Winter Olympics and to serve 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and overall work of the Party and the country. It was a specific action taken by China Railways to implement the strategic plan, which was proposed in the 19th CPC National Congress, of making China into a science and technology giant and into a country with strong transportation network, and it was also a symbolic project showing that China’s railway construction has moved from the advanced level to the leading level in the world. It was of great practical and profound historical significance.

For the construction of Smart Jingzhang HSR, the railway department actively adopted many advanced technologies including Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobile Internet, AI and BIM, conducted careful design, organisation and construction, focused on constructing an excellent project, made breakthroughs in the key technologies of intelligent construction, intelligent equipment and intelligent operation, and comprehensively upgraded the level of railway safety construction, operation management and passenger service.

Since March, 2016 when the project was formally started, China Railways has continuously strengthened the intelligence innovation and practice in terms of project construction, operation management, technical equipment and transportation service. The construction of a series of dominated projects such as Guanting Reservoir Grand Bridge, Badaling Railway Tunnel, Badaling Great Wall Station and Taizicheng Station has proceeded successfully. Positive progress had also been made in the research and development of intelligent EMU as an important part of the Smart Jingzhang HSR.

The intelligent EMU adopted for Jingzhang HSR are positioned as the intelligent type of “Fuxing” EMU. Based on the existing “Fuxing” CR400BF EMU, with the newest modern science and technology, new development and breakthroughs are supposed to be seen in terms of intelligence, safety & comfort, green & environmental protection and comprehensive energy saving. According to the ideas of “standard configuration and configuration for Beijing Winter Olympics”, taking into full consideration of the factors such as Chinese elements, the Olympic spirit, the historical cultural heritage of Beijing and Zhangjiakou and the makers creative results in previous phase, China Railways organised the optimised design and adopted the “Hawk” and “Sailfish” head schemes and “Dragon and Phoenix” and “Auspicious Snow” appearance coating schemes. The sample trial-manufacture and assembling of the intelligent EMU will be completed at the end of 2018, and the commissioning and experimental verification of the intelligent EMU will be completed in the first half of 2019.

The feature film focused on the topics of Smart Jingzhang HSR and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. By using techniques of expression through comparing the Beijing – Zhangjiakou Railway a century before and with 3D animation technology, the film showed the intelligent, green and humanistic values of Jingzhang HSR and demonstrated that “Top-quality Engineering, Smart Jingzhang” pioneered the new upgrade work on China’s high-speed railways.

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