Tuesday 5 June 2018

Latvia: LDz is first company from the Baltic States to join Corporate Partnership Board of the OECD International Transport Forum

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On 23 May, within the framework of the annual OECD International Transport Forum (ITF), SJSC Latvijas Dzelzceļš was accepted as a member of the Corporate Partnership Board of ITF alongside 30 other companies in the transport, logistics, sectoral industry and high technology. Currently LDz is the only company from the Baltic States operating on this Board.

Edvīns Bērziņš, the President of LDz, together with Young Tae Kim, Secretary General of ITF, underlined when signing the accession memorandum: “Participation in the Corporate Partnership Board provides an excellent opportunity to create contacts not only with the companies of transport industry, but with representatives of other sectors, the operation of which has a significant effect on the future development of transport. Especially important today is the development of new strategic partnerships, as new logistics solutions are being developed, and in the long-term good relations with the neighbouring transport companies is not enough. Especially important are various innovative technological solutions and IT application in the development of logistics that we have defined also as the long-term direction for the operation of LDz. At the same time we should not forget about security of solutions, and that is one of the most significant challenges in the sector.”

He also underlined that ITF and its Corporate Partnership Board is part of the OECD’s organisational network, within which good governance at all levels is especially promoted; thus, an invitation to join one of these organisations should be viewed as a high evaluation of corporate governance practice in LDz.

ITF Corporate Partnership Board currently encompasses approximately 30 companies from various countries across the world; and the task of the Board is to provide the decision-makers of the transport sector of ITF Member States with a vision for significant regulation of development issues in the sector. During the last years, members of the Board have provided their opinion in areas such as the
decarbonisation of the transport industry, drone regulation, etc. Currently one of the important issues on the agenda of the Board is the development of blockchain solutions and regulation for it, including from the standpoint of security risks. “Effective operation of logistics chains and possibly convenient, technologically handy and customer-oriented solutions are the development goal in the near future of the LDz group of companies as well; therefore, involvement in providing recommendations for alignment of this area is important to us,” said Mr Bērziņš, President of LDz.

As a significant contribution of LDz towards the work of the Corporate Partnership Board Mr Bērziņš considers the extensive experience of LDz and knowledge in cooperation with two partners with different business cultures, technological requirements and infrastructure parameters – the European Union and CIS countries or 1,520 mm rail gauge countries. Therefore, LDz can provide a unique insight to partners of either countries regarding combination of current systems, creation of maximum efficiency mutual cooperation model and uniform partnership principles for provision of integrated global solutions for logistics.

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