Tuesday 5 June 2018

WG Sabotage, Intrusions & Attacks came together from 30 – 31 May 2018 in Utrecht

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The Working Group (WG) Sabotage, Intrusions & Attacks (SIA) deals with various topics concerning railway system disruptions. Within the latest meeting, the WG concentrated on “access control of non-operational buildings”. Under the Vice-Chair Andreas Tabor (NS NL) and in contribution with UITP, the participants deliberated about:

  • Classification of non-operational buildings
  • Different kinds of physical, technical, organisational and human resource measures
  • Visitor management

A very interesting presentation was given by SNCF and based on the fruitful discussions, the members of the WG SIA decided to create a temporary sub working group, which deals more in detail with property protection. The results and experience will be summarised in a handbook.

The next meeting is planned for October/November 2018 and will mainly focus on security concepts of storage depots. The WG remains open to UIC members.
The topics within WG SIA will also feature in this year’s UIC Security Week. CBRNE threats, Cybersecurity, staff and public awareness as well as Business Continuity Management will be among the themes. The whole agenda with more details is available at


If you are interested in participating in the UIC-Security week or in the WG SIA, please contact Kathrin Faber, Security Advisor:


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