Tuesday 26 June 2018

Obituary: Marek Zaniewicz, Head of Technical Security at PKP Intercity AG, passed away on 11 June 2018

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On 11 June 2018, Marek Zaniewicz, Head of Technical Security at PKP Intercity AG, died suddenly during a business trip to the UIC working group in France.

Marek was born in Warsaw. He graduated from the Institute of Railway Vehicles of Warsaw University of Technology. He was involved in rail transport throughout his professional life.

He started working in 1981 and worked in various positions at Polish Railways, at Warszawa-Grochów coach depot, Inspection of the district coaches of the Ministry of Transport, the headquarters of Central Poland in Warsaw Traction and vehicle management, Traction and Wagon of PKP and the Office for Sales and Freight, PKP CARGO AG, and most recently at PKP Intercity AG.

For many years, he worked for international organisations in working groups, such as ERA, OSJD and in particular for UIC. Marek Zaniewicz contributed to numerous projects and activities of various UIC working groups, including:

  • RIV WGs, in charge of technical questions on the exchange and use of freight wagons in international traffic (RIV, later GCU),
  • RIC WGs, in charge of technical issues relating to the interchange and use of passenger cars in international traffic (RIC, later RIC/A).

He contributed to the technical solutions of the use of wagons and coaches in international traffic, he participated in the drafting of many UIC leaflets.

During his work at PKP, he was responsible for implementing the first reliable trains without stopping at borders on the western and southern border crossings of Poland. He participated actively in the work of a V4 regional working group (Poland-Czech Republic-Slovakia-Hungary) whose aim was to facilitate the exchange of railway vehicles.

At the heart of Marek Zaniewicz’s interests were railway vehicles. The railway was also his hobby: he collected miniature trains, train tickets, timetables and rail magazines. He was also active in environmental movements and environmental protection in Poland.

He liked to travel abroad, including using trains. Modesty was typical of Marek; he was a caring human being for all those who worked with him and worked every day. He had a large circle of friends not only in Poland, but also in other countries.

Our good friend, colleague, unforgettable collaborator and simply good person we miss, left us unexpectedly.

(Source: PKP)

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