Tuesday 3 July 2018

Railway Reform: A Toolkit for Improving Rail Sector Performance” by the World Bank

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From 2009-2010, UIC helped the World Bank in the creation and dissemination of the “Railway Reform: A Toolkit for Improving Rail Sector Performance”. This toolkit aims, among others, to help transport ministers to boost strategic planning and attract capital to the transport sector.

This Railway Reform Toolkit aims to provide an easy-to-use resource for the rail industry and to provide an experience-based set of best practices to aid in the planning and execution of railway reforms. It is based on international experiences with railway reform under a range of railway organisational forms, state agencies, state-owned, or private enterprises. The toolkit should be particularly useful to those thinking about transitions from one organisational form to another and for those seeking to improve railway performance through investment, reorganisation, or changes in government policy.

The UIC Data, Statistics and Economics Unit, headed by Airy Magnien and his colleague Snejana Markovic-Chenais, took part in the peer review of the update of this toolkit launched in 2016, from the design to the final study, by contributing their remarks and comments to the numerous case studies, including the Fourth European Railway Package, without any becoming the subject of a global benchmark.

This update is henceforth available from the end of 2017 on the website of the World Bank:


UIC highlights the importance of this report among its members and acknowledges the fruitful collaboration with the World Bank which it wishes to pursue in all areas covered by the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2009, including the new UIC working group on PPPs (public-private partnerships).

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