Tuesday 24 July 2018

Publication of position paper on the Common Occurrence Report Safety Management Data system (COR SMD) – A European Safety Database

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On 17 June CER, EIM and UIC published a position paper concerning the Common Occurrence Report Safety Management Data system (COR SMD).

This document reflects UIC’s commitment to the subject and is acknowledged by UIC Director General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux who highlights the importance of the data collected, processed and analysed over the last 12 years by the Safety Unit and its members.

CER, EIM and UIC support a form of enhanced safety management data capture at
European level, underlining that we fully believe that exchanging safety related data at European level is beneficial for the European railway sector and its stakeholders. CER, EIM and UIC believe that the exchange of appropriate safety related data brings added-value to all parties in the sector.

CER, EIM and UIC support the linking of national and European reporting in order to avoid any double reporting, additional costs or administrative burden.

CER and EIM suggest to openly consider UIC to set up and maintain the European safety database as a neutral service provider for the Agency.

In this case CER, EIM and UIC commonly believe that a European safety database, based on common/shared principles needs to be developed and agreed by the sector stakeholders and safety authorities as well as the Agency. The work will be carried out within the framework of the Agency’s common occurrence reporting project.

For further information please contact Bernard Penners, Manager of the UIC Safety Unit:


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