Tuesday 18 September 2018

“Access Control” Sub-Working Group met on 13 September 2018 in Paris

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The “Access Control” Sub-Working Group (SWG) of the UIC Security Platform is a temporary group related to the WG Sabotage, Intrusions & Attacks, which deals with varied topics concerning railway system disruptions.

The aim of this SWG is to analyse effective solutions to control the access to and inside buildings to avoid unauthorised access, ensure the safety and security of the company staff and their property. In cooperation with UITP, this SWG will provide practice-oriented exchange of best practices, solution approaches and difficulties. The results will form a set of guidelines and recommendations for different building concepts, which is planned to be published in spring 2019.

At the first meeting, the SWG concentrated on “access control to buildings”. Under the chair of Marita-Annegret Grosser (DB AG), the 15 participants deliberated on:

  • Access management systems
  • Receptionists / Entrance
  • Technical solutions

SNCF provided a very interesting presentation of their own developed CANIF system. Functionality details of ITEMS and level of access as well as the creation of access on visitors’ cards for one demonstration on leave were part of their expressions. The results could be directly explored by the participants during a technical visit of the new SNCF Campus Rimbault which is equipped with the new CANIF system control.

The next meeting is planned for the 30 November 2018 and will focus on “access control within buildings”. The WG remains open to UIC members.

If you are interested in being part of the “Access Control” SWG, please contact Kathrin Faber, Senior Advisor Security Division:


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