Tuesday 25 September 2018

UIC participates in China Pavilion Day during the InnoTrans event in Berlin

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UIC was invited to participate in China Pavilion Day, an event organised by China Railways (CR) focusing on the urban rail transit industry in China, at the InnoTrans convention on 19 September in Berlin.

The event was opened by Zhang Qiping – Deputy General Director of Rolling Stock Department, CR. He introduced the keynote speakers for the opening session and informed participants about CR’s achievements in the rolling stock development – focused on high speed services. He then invited the General Director of Science, Technology and IT application at CR, Mr Zhou Guotang, who highlighted CR’s high speed network expansion and the innovations and service development recently observed. He spoke about the perspectives and interoperability efforts to connect the CR system and other modes. He also mentioned the conventional rail progress as well us CR’s huge freight capacity. Next, Mr Zhou Xiaoquin, Vice President of CAMET (metro system) reported on future perspectives and interconnectivity with railway systems to conduct smooth door-to-door journey using a modern IT system.

Mr Jerzy Wisniewski, UIC Fundamental Values Department Director, represented UIC at this event, sending apologies from Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General for his absence due to his important duties scheduled a long time ago. He expressed thanks to China Railways for the invitation given to UIC where CR as a major stakeholder and CARS are actively involved. He appreciated CR’s engagement in several UIC R&D projects as well as dynamic participation with UIC working bodies. He congratulated CR for the enormous progress with the development of the HS network – being the world leader in the area and a major UIC stakeholder. Mr Wisniewski also expressed his thanks to CR for hosting the next UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail to be held in Beijing in 2020.

The conclusion was delivered by Mr Wang Weidong, Minister-Counsellor of the Economic and Commercial Department of the Chinese Embassy in Germany, who confirmed the government’s determination to boost development of the railway system in the country with strong emphasis on interoperability, interconnectivity and international rail corridors.

For further information please contact Jerzy Wisniezski, Director of the Fundamental Values Department:


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Zhang Qiping – Deputy General Director of Rolling Stock Department, China Railways, opens the event