Tuesday 23 October 2018

The Deutsche Bahn Stiftung celebrates its five-year anniversary: celebratory tours on the traditional Trans-Europe Express

Sightseeing tours in the legendary long-distance train from 22 to 24 October 2018 in Hanau, Nuremberg and Dessau/Magdeburg

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Deutsche Bahn Stiftung gGmbH celebrates its five-year anniversary in 2018. When Deutsche Bahn AG created the “Stiftung”, its foundation for societal and social projects, in 2013, it brought its many years of philanthropic engagement together with the DB Museum under one roof so as to fulfil its corporate social responsibilities even more effectively. The stated aim of the Deutsche Bahn Stiftung is to help people in need through its projects and long-standing partners and to strive for greater equality of opportunity. In so doing, it is building upon the traditions of support and social responsibility that have always been a feature of the railway sector.

To celebrate its five-year anniversary, the Deutsche Bahn Stiftung is inviting guests to participate in exclusive sightseeing tours on the legendary Trans-Europe Express (TEE).

Members of management will be present on-board during the tours to present the Deutsche Bahn Stiftung and selected exciting projects of relevance to society and to answer questions on the work of the foundation.

We are pleased to invite you to this press event. Due to the limited number of places available, please register for your chosen date by 21 October 2018 via email: oliver.wasmann@deutschebahnstiftung.de

We request that participants arrive at the relevant station 30 minutes prior to departure - the exact dates and times are listed on the next page.

We would be pleased to send you photographs of the celebratory tours.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Activities during the tour

Readings by prominent reading mentors; guests will learn about the work of the foundation; opportunity for meetings with the press in the official vehicle used by former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

Tour participants

Children, young people and adults from facilities run by social services in the respective regions; well-known and volunteer readers, railway mission volunteers, DB employees, prize-winners, press representatives.

Hanau tour

Monday 22 October 2018, 12:04 – 14:14 (from platform 104)
Hanau Hauptbahnhof – Gelnhausen – Schlüchtern – Jossa – Spessartrampe – Aschaffenburg Hauptbahnhof – Hanau Hauptbahnhof

Nuremberg tour

Tuesday 23 October 2018, 11:40 – 14:16 (from platform 5)
Nuremberg Hauptbahnhof – Neumarkt – Parsberg – Regensburg Hauptbahnhof – Nuremberg Hauptbahnhof

Dessau/Magdeburg tour

Wednesday 24 October 2018, 10:22 – 14:21 (from platform 3)
Dessau Hauptbahnhof – Magdeburg Hauptbahnhof (boarding at 11:05, platform 13) – Braunschweig Hauptbahnhof – Magdeburg Hauptbahnhof (alighting 13:32) – Dessau Hauptbahnhof

Routes are displayed on the train station listings. It is generally possibly to board and alight only at the relevant points of departure and arrival. Exception: passengers may board and alight at either Dessau or Magdeburg on 24 October.

Deutsche Bahn Stiftung

“Forging links - making connections - setting the course”. Under these guiding principles, the Deutsche Bahn Stiftung pools together the philanthropic engagement of the entire DB Group. In so doing, it is building upon the traditions of support and social responsibility that have always been a feature of the railway sector. Against the backdrop of a rich railway history, its activities are setting the course for the future. It runs the DB Museum and supports the integration of people on the fringes of society, as well as voluntary engagement.
For more information, please visit: www.deutschebahnstiftung.de

The legendary Trans-Europe Express (TEE)

The Trans-Europe Express (TEE) was once the king of railway vehicles. Consisting entirely of first-class carriages, it connected major western European cities from 1957 onwards. It stopped running in 1987, much to the regret of its passengers and fans, who enjoyed its excellent comfort and the services offered, which included on-board secretarial services. One of the trains has been returned to operation by volunteers at the DB Museum in Koblenz.

The Deutsche Bahn Stiftung has chartered the train for travel throughout Germany on the occasion of its five-year anniversary. These special train services will feature the Rheingold club coach and the “Kanzlerwagen” carriage used by Helmut Schmidt.

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