Tuesday 30 October 2018

UIC Conference on Standardisation to be held on 6 November 2018 at Paris UIC headquarters

How does Standardisation facilitate the innovative rail system of tomorrow?

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Rail being the inherently systemic network that it is, needs to be able to work in seamless harmony with a wide range of stakeholders so that trains are able to operate with the minimum of fuss and with maximum efficiency.

UIC has been in the business of supporting the railway sector in achieving these objectives ever since its first ‘UIC Leaflet’ was published in 1928.

Evolving the railway system to ensure that this multi-modal objective is achievable in the digital era, is important to this. Understanding the role that standards can play in contributing to this innovative evolution will be the topic of the standardisation event that UIC is hosting at its Paris HQ on 6 November.

With an overview of the role that the UIC has in this activity and with the contributions of a variety of speakers from the operating community, standards bodies and innovation programmes, the event will seek to answer the question.

For more information please contact Mouna Bennouna, Programme Coordinator Passenger & Freight, Standardisation Unit:


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