Tuesday 13 November 2018

UIC Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly workshop on development of multimodal freight traffic “sea to rail”

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On October 29-30, 2018 in Vladivostok, Russia, JSC “Russian Railways” organised the UIC APRA Workshop on the INTERTRAN project (“Measures for the effective development of multimodal transport in Asia Pacific aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the railway transport”) initiated by Russian Railways as part of the UIC Asia Pacific project activity.

The Workshop was attended by the representatives of UIC APRA members (RZD, CR, KORAIL, KTZ, UBTZ), international organisations and associations (UN ESCAP, OSJD, FIATA), representatives of Russian and South Korean regulatory authorities, as well as a number of major operators and logistic companies (RZD Logistics, TransContainer, Pantos Logistics, KC Net, FESCO), and Vladivostok sea port.

As the result of the Workshop the project participants defined the potential of electronic data exchange for the multimodal transportation and elaborated a detailed step-by-step scheme of sea-to-rail multimodal freight traffic. In 2019 a pilot multimodal transportation of import cargo is planned to be arranged by sea from South Korean/Japanese ports to Vladivostok and then by railway to a destination point in Russia, using electronic data exchange at all stages. For this pilot transportation a new information technology will be created determining procedures/operations to provide a through electronic data exchange for door-to-door service.

For further information please contact Vincent Vu, Coordinator of the UIC Asia-Pacific Region:


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