Tuesday 20 November 2018

5th edition of the Training Programme on Track Maintenance held from 15 – 16 November 2018 in Morocco

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The 5th edition of the Training Programme on Track Maintenance organised by the UIC African Region was concluded on 16 November 2018. During the inauguration of the high-speed line on 15 November, the decision was taken to conduct the last session of this 5th edition aboard the TGV. The upper deck of the first coach of the TGV was reserved exclusively for this session. Mr Bernard Penners, Head of the UIC Safety Unit, delivered a presentation entitled “Risk management in the maintenance of railway tracks”.

The participants particularly appreciated linking the theory of the lecture to the journey from Rabat to Tangier which hit a maximum speed of 320 km/hour.

Trainers and trainees had the opportunity to visit Tangier’s magnificent railway station which cleverly and aesthetically marries the original building with the new structure.

During the journey back to Rabat, the participants were presented with their training certificates. On arrival at Rabat Agdal station, the trainees and trainers present, as well as Mr Thierry Bera, Coordinator of the UIC African Region, were all warmly greeted by the Director General of the ONCF, Mr Mohamed Rabie Khlie.

For further information please contact Bernard Penners, Head of the UIC Safety Unit:


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