Tuesday 20 November 2018

United States: Amtrak updates New York Penn Station "FindYourWay"app for Long Island railroad and NJ Transit Customer

App provides real-time navigation, train and station information, streamlining commuter transit

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Amtrak has upgraded FindYourWay, its free, real-time customer information app for exclusive use inside New York Penn Station on iOS and Android.

In addition to helping passengers find gates, exits, ATMs, and restaurants throughout the station and providing wayfinding functionality in the Amtrak concourse, the app now includes several new features:

  • Gate and track information directly from the passenger information display system (PIDS) boards in near real-time - the first instance of Amtrak sharing PIDS gate information for a consumer-facing application
  • Wayfinding functionality for the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and NJ TRANSIT (NJT) areas of the station
  • Renamed police, information points, ticket areas, waiting areas and pay phones to specify their designated concourse (i.e. Amtrak Information, LIRR pay phone, etc.)
  • Tutorial feature to help customers learn how to use the app
  • Icons for major train status display areas within the station
  • Predictive suggestions with search results

“We welcome our station partners to the app and are proud to work with them again on another aspect of Amtrak’s plan to improve the experience at New York Penn Station” said Amtrak EVP and Chief Commercial Officer Stephen Gardner.

“Every minute counts for our riders, and the improvements Amtrak has made to the app benefit all parties in Penn Station” said LIRR President Phillip Eng. “The upgraded app will help improve our customers’ experience, especially those making connections between the Long Island Rail Road and Amtrak, New York City Transit, and NJ TRANSIT”.

“The upgrade to the FindYourWay app is an enhancement to the customer experience in the NJ TRANSIT concourse, providing our customers easy access to important travel information and station amenities” said NJ TRANSIT Executive Director Kevin Corbett. “NJ TRANSIT is committed to using partnerships and technology to provide the best public transit service for our customers, and being a part of the FindYourWay app helps us fulfil that commitment.”

Currently available only for New York Penn Station, Amtrak is considering offering FindYourWay in other major stations across the country. Potential future updates to the app may feature station deals, reminders and rewards.

(Source: Amtrak)

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