Tuesday 11 December 2018

2nd Successful USIC-UIC International Chess Tournament 2018 held in Paris

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The second International Railway Sports Union (USIC) and International Union of Railways (UIC) chess tournament took place at UIC headquarters on Saturday 8 December. Twenty-six players signed up to go head-to-head on the day under the watchful eye of the adjudicator, Alain Sallette (FIDE adjudicator).

The event was notably well-attended by delegations from the VDES - the German arm of the USIC - and by the German branch of the International Federation of Railwaymen’s Art and Intellectual Societies. This is the first time that the FISAIC has participated in the event. UIC representative Jozef Fazik, USIC President Dominique Paget and FISAIC President Philippe Rouche attended the prize-giving ceremony. The French Railway Sports Union (USCF) was represented by its treasurer, Thierry Lévêque.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General of UIC, and Bachar Kouatly, President of the French Chess Federation, were unable to attend.

Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux said in his message:
"UIC’s areas of activity are technical, strategic and cultural. This partnership with USIC falls within this cultural area with the aim of sharing the same passion between our associations at international level."

The winners of this second tournament were:
Stefen Michel, FISAIC/USIC (Germany), Cédric Bleuzen, USCF (France), Andreas Haasler, FISAIC/USIC (Germany)

Our thanks go to the French Chess Federation and to its chair, Bachar Kouatly for providing the required equipment (chess sets, timers) on loan, as well as Jean-Pierre Loubinoux for initiating the event.

We also thank Christian Bleuzen and Eric Brébant for their technical assistance and Kévin Lebeurre for organising this sporting event in collaboration with UIC’s Communications Director, Marie Plaud-Lombard. The participants hope to have a third tournament in 2019!

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