Tuesday 18 December 2018

Slovakia: Juraj TKÁČ has been appointed new ŽSR Director General

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On 27 November 2018, at the proposal of the ŽSR Governing Board, the Minister of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic appointed Mr Juraj Tkáč as the new Director General of ŽSR, after Mr Martin Erdössy stepped down from the position of Director General of ŽSR for personal reasons.

Prior to taking up his current role, Mr Tkáč was Deputy Director-General for Economy of ŽSR responsible in particular for the company’s financial management, asset management and financial performance of accounting plans.

Mr Tkáč graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Košice. In the past, he served as a branch director of Czechoslovak Commercial Bank (ČSOB) in Prešov (Slovakia) and later he had a leadership position in a law and corporate finance consultancy company.

(Source: ŽSR)

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Mr Juraj Tkáč, the new Director General of ŽSR © ŽSR