Tuesday 7 May 2019

Renfe launches a carbon footprint information system for High Speed services based on Ecopassenger

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On 23 April Renfe launched the dissemination of the carbon footprint information on high-speed services among its customers. This new information includes the comparison to competitor modes such as cars and planes based on the results from the UIC website www.EcoPassenger.org

This action is included in the frame of the Renfe Strategic Plan as a lever of cultural transformation within the projects on Decarbonisation and Energy Efficiency.
The information is displayed during the ticket purchasing, showing the CO2 emissions information at the end of the process, and in the confirmation email.

This information is currently provided for high-speed services, both regional and intercity and it is planned to be deployed on the rest of the services for the next steps.

These results allow the clients to know the carbon footprint of the trip and the lower emissions travelling by rail compared to competitor modes, highlighting rail’s contribution to the mitigation of climate change.

About EcoPassenger

Data displayed in the Renfe system come from the UIC webtool Ecopassenger (www.ecopassenger.org) which includes a consistent methodology integrating operational and energy consumptions data from the rail operators with emissions data for all the modes. This tool has the external process and validation of the Italian Foundation for Sustainable Development and the German Institute on Environment and Energy (IFEU).

The tool provides information for rail services in Europe including Russia, Ukraine and Turkey comparing railways with cars and airplanes and allowing the users the possibility of customizing to the real conditions of their trips, showing the environmental impact in terms of energy efficiency, GHG emissions and local pollution of the different transport modes.

(Source: Renfe)

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Information displayed for a high-speed journey from Girona-Barcelona Sants © Renfe