Tuesday 11 June 2019

Kazakhstan: Passenger Transportation JSC has prepared the rolling stock for the summer and plans to transport over 6 million passengers per season

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In preparation for summer transportation, work was carried out to ensure the proper aesthetic appearance of cars and measures were taken to improve their sanitary condition (external washing of bodies and cleaning of running gears, painting of vestibules, titans, pipes of heating systems, if necessary, replacement of toilets, wash basins, flooring, mixers, etc.). Also, work was carried out to establish air conditioning and ventilation systems, filling them with freon, cleaning air ducts, adjusting the density of batteries.

The national carrier serves 115 routes (including commuter routes). To date, the car fleet comprises 2229 units, including Tulpar-Talgo cars – 670, standard type – 1443, electric-diesel train – 116. In 917 cars of standard type, in all Tulpar-Talgo cars and 51 electric-diesel train the air conditioning system is provided.
In order to update the rolling stock and cover the projected shortage of passenger seats in connection with the departure of cars at the end of the service life, work is underway to update the passenger fleet of cars. There are plans to replace about 1,200 cars within the next 10 years.

(Source: KTZ)

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