Wednesday 26 June 2019

12th Transport Africa Awards 2019

UIC member Ethio-Djibouti Standard Gauge Railway (EDR) wins award for Transport Operator of the Year 2019

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Launched in 2008, the Transport Africa Awards have become the blue-chip mark of success for the African transport and infrastructure sector. The annual Transport Africa Awards are designed to identify and award companies that have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to succeed and have continually set standards of excellence in the industry. The winners take part in an exclusive and prestigious awards ceremony and gala dinner, attended by the region’s leading authorities in transport and infrastructure innovation.

The awards are open to all rail, port, airport and airline operators across Africa. Entries must highlight the operator’s focus on operational efficiency and effectiveness and the ability to demonstrate best practice in the sector. The judges review the range of initiatives the operator is involved in to improve service and achieve results. Performance, reliability, growth and service are all key factors. Other criteria include: long-term vision, improvement in service and facilities, innovation, volumes and growth, reliability, operational efficiency, investment in operations and customer service.

Congratulations to UIC member Ethio-Djibouti Standard Gauge Railway (EDR), which has won the award for Transport Operator of the Year 2019.

(Source: EDR)

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