Information published on 26 June 2019 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 652.

Czech Republic: SŽDC will solve Střešovice Tunnels issue with the so-called Option South

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Construction of the railway reached a turning point this year when long-term cooperation between the investor and the suppliers of construction and project works brought concrete results. Reconstruction of the Negrelli viaduct is to be completed in a year, four of the six remaining line sections are under territorial proceedings and the architectonical contest for the shape of the railway station Praha-Veleslavín has moved to Phase Two. However, the most recent news is that Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) has designed a new option, the so-called Option South for the Střešovice tunnels between the boroughs of Dejvice and Veleslavín.

”I am pleased that we were finally able to solve the issue of the most complicated section of this whole investment. Tunnels designed in the so-called Option South are led through a geologically stable milieu; they do not endanger underwater sources and descend very deep under ground level. With the use of boring machines, the inhabitants of the Ořechovka quarter do not have to worry about anything. For that matter, the same technology was used while extending the Metro A line to Motol and although the boring machines were working right under the housing estate, nobody registered them“, said Mr Jiří Svoboda, Director General of SŽDC.

Reconstruction of the Negrelli viaduct thus remains the only construction in the phase of implementation within the modernisation of the Praha – Kladno line with a connection to Václav Havel Airport. A month ago, builders laid the bridge steel construction over Prvního pluku Street. At present, works continue on renovating arches at Štvanice Island, brick arches on the premises of the Florenc bus terminal including connected pillars and grounding bridge abutments over Křižíkova Street.

The project of the railway line to the airport includes six more partial constructions which are currently in various stages of the permit procedure. Territorial proceedings are underway for the sections Praha-Bubny – Praha-Výstaviště, Praha-Ruzyně – Kladno and Kladno – Kladno-Ostrovec; recently the proceedings were also opened for the section Praha-Výstaviště – Praha-Veleslavín. SŽDC will open tenders shortly for the preparation of documents needed to obtain a building permit concerning all these constructions. Preparation of documentation for territorial proceedings concerning the three remaining sections is underway.

Modernisation of the Praha – Kladno line with a connection to Václav Havel Airport is one of the biggest transport projects in the Czech Republic; it presents the necessary infrastructure in response to the expected air traffic development. Modernisation of the last line near Prague will place our capital and the city of Kladno among the modern agglomerations in Europe with a railway connection to the airport.

(Source: SŽDC)